What is the Billion Dollar Roundtable?

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“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

In 2016, 20 companies can boast being a part of the Billion Dollar Roundtable (BDR) and directly spending more than $1 billion annually with M/WBE (Minority Business Enterprises/Women Business Enterprises). In 2015, the BDR members spent more than $95 billion with minority- and women-owned businesses. This achievement does not just happen by chance. The BDR has a vision of leading, influencing and shaping supplier diversity excellence globally.

BDR believes strongly in driving supplier diversity excellence through the sharing of best practices and being a thought leader in the space. The organization is about creating that change in the world that increases the innovation and diversity of the global economic picture. Identifying and engaging talented, innovative, diverse suppliers within supply chains is good for the company, the nation and the world.

How Is the BDR Leading?

  • The organization has tackled several challenging areas of supplier diversity expansion via White Papers and the Billion Dollar Roundtable Book. Each document provides a wealth of information about best practices, the challenges in certain industries and suggested innovative models to enhance diversity inclusion.

  • Each year the BDR hosts a summit with thought leaders from around the country sharing and discussing ways to move the needle even further for supplier diversity. Panels have examined access to capital issues, capacity building, the marketing/advertising industry, global opportunities, integrating innovation into the supply chain and more.

Your Role

Whether an existing member of the BDR or as company who is working toward that $1 billion annual spend goal, the BDR offers avenues to share ideas, discuss potential solutions and make recommendations. Through dialog comes action; through action comes change, through change comes real results.

Join us as we examine:

  • Industry trends and opportunities

  • Global supply chain opportunities

  • Changes in spend trends in industries

  • Building capacity and sustainable M/WBE businesses through strategic alliances

  • And much more

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